26 July 2010

fiestas patrias

as of yesterday we became peruvian independence day ready along with our neighbors... i thought that i had heard somewhere that it was a law that for fiestas patrias every house had to have a flag on it. but... apparently that was a myth. it is not a myth however that you can go to jail if you take a picture with the flag in an inappropriate way. i found that out after this first picture and jultons reaction with, does it look okay? it doesnt look inappropriate? because you can go to jail for that...
nope.... you dont look inappropriate... just... serious. :) i have another of him with a huge grin but im sure i would hear about how theres too much 'teeth' in that picture. which actually shows his excitement about our flag buying better. weve been talking about how we should really get a flag and put it up since the flag sellers started hitting the streets with their many sizes and varieties of flags, on every street corner in trujillo. so yesterday when we actually committed, he was ecstatic.... and the one reaching for the camera when we got home so he could document our little piece of first tomanguillo rogers family fiestas patrias peru together history... when hes usually the one going "again... with the camera??"
"Familia Tomanguillo Rogers" just in case the flag falls to the ground... our neighbors will know whose it is... that and theres the fact that we are the only ones on our side of the building with a flag up... who wouldve guessed that we were the apartment with the mixed country couple?

julton took a picture from the bottom of the building up, of me with our flag and apartment.... but i didnt have the heart to post it... i mean, i know im short, but the angle of the shot... just makes me look even more like a little girl peeking out the window. another independence day perhaps.

also randomly.... yesterday trujillo celebrated their independence with their military marches.. and we found out that trujillo formally declared their independence from spain a year before the actual country did. hmmm.

so 28th of july we are officially ready for you.

theres going to be a party in the main square... well it seams like theres always a party there.. but theres going to be food. lots of food, from alllll over peru. we're going. im excited...


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