02 July 2010

pad thai

i dont think that you can proportionally understand how big this bowl is. so im not going to go into detail about width/depth. because then i might get embarrassed.

yesterday when julton and i made our first of the month grocery store run... there was a difference in the list. you see usually we walk away with lots of chicken and beef and pork... yesterday, well i was convinced about the chicken. but... instead we walked away with tofu, lots of veggies, chickpeas, peanut butter, bean sprouts... you know... that stuff i used to eat on a daily basis. its not been in my diet in too long. so. i told julton that i am reverting back to vegetarianism while he is on his trip. and to be honest i wasnt sure i could do it. since yesterday i was craving fried chicken, potatoes, egg, and rice... with mayo ...which is what he makes me for lunch sometimes. which i had never eaten altogether in one plate in all of my life until i met julton. i told him the other day he had really changed me.

but then today i made pad thai. one of my absolute favorite foods. and my fears that i couldnt handle veggie food were thrown quickly out the window. i havent made it for julton before... just like the scarf, im nervous about him liking it. its not exactly the same as fried rice. (which we do eat). and its far from jungle food.

one of my favorite memories of pad thai is from when we lived in the outhouse (...oh... memories) one night an old friend of mine had come to town, and we made pad thai and carried the table outside to the deck, strung lights and candles... and it was one of the most perfect nights i have spent.

so, im going to share my recipe with you. in no way is this traditional pad thai.. ive eat at restaurants... but who am i to say that this is pad thai. so we will just say its my recipe that stuck in my head from a recipe from who knows where that lost some ingredients, gained some, and changed for moving to another country. and please forgive me for the quantities/measurments. ... i dont know.... i just do it. again... like my scarves.. i dont follow patterns well for them... i dont follow a set measurement system for this food. i just throw in what looks good.


Julies Comfort Food Pad Thai Style

bean sprouts
green onion
a spicy spice, red pepper perhaps
soy sauce
peanut butter
lime juice
tofu (or you could use... chicken... you know, if you had to)
noodles or rice

combine: maybe 2 cloves of finely finely chopped garlic with a tablespoon of peanut butter, half cup soy sauce, teaspoon cumin and spicy spice. juice of one lime. shake it all up really well. if its too thick add more soy sauce. too thin more peanut butter. test taste for spices and lime. (set aside)

boil the noodles or make the rice... ohhh jasmine rice.....

fry up the tofu. in a skillet with oil. the best way to prepare tofu to be fried, is to set it out on papertowels, under paper towels, and with something heavy on top to try to squeeze out the water.

while the tofu is frying steam broccoli and carrots.

when the tofu finishes, add the sauce, onions and bean sprouts, broccoli and carrots and stir up until its all good and ready.

then serve over the noodles or rice top with peanuts and wa lah! :)

i hope that you give it a try. happy friday everyone :)

ps since Julton is on his trip we are going to be without pictures pictures for a while. so get ready for some photo booth goodies. (he took my camera with orders from me to photograph EVERYTHING) :)



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