11 April 2010

se fue

we have some serious history... we've known each other for a while... we lived in the outhouse... we both have anderson degrees... weve got the same group of wonderfully crazy friends... neither of us come from a presbyterian church origionally but ended up in RUF and a presbyterian mission... gillian graduated au and moved to peru... i graduated and moved to peru.. gillian has finished her work in peru and has moved back to the states... i got married and well, i suppose you could say i havent finished my work here and im not moving back to the states. gillian told me not long before the wedding that she was moving to the states around the time i was getting married so that our breakup would look mutual. :)

my life has been great here in peru, new experiences around every corner, but one thing i have been thankful for has been having gillian around to share experiences. sharing in living in a different country together grew our friendship in ways we wouldn't have known each other in the states. im very happy to ahve been able to be here with her, and i'm going to miss her a lot now that she has returned.

life is changing... changing changing... it seemed sudden, but i should have seen it coming for months.

gillian: you are missed. and you know that we have a place for you -when- you decide to come back, even if it is just for a visit!!


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