20 July 2010

a goodbye

the end of the month is on its way... vacation for schools.... fiestas patrias...

im not really sure how to announce this announcement... so im just going to announce it. thats the only way to go right?

i have been working at the school since february and under normal circumstances right about now i would be talking about how this is the last week before our july vacations. which is true. but im going to take a different direction. and im not going to get very detailed, so i hope you are okay with that. if not, ask me in person. i made the decision this month to leave my job teaching english at the school. for several reasons, but no need to discuss them here. im a little sad, im going to miss each of the kids in their own way. but it was for the best. i think its the best stress reducing decision to make. and sometimes you just have to make the decision to cut out some stress. and since im not in yoga anymore i really dont manage stress or migraines the way i once did. so, this decision is for the best. but dont worry for me, i still have a job. im not just jumping without a plan. i'm going to go back to teaching english through a friends business, whom i already teach for part time.

so no sad feelings ( a few) but a new chapter. im sorry to say that there will probably not be as many stories about guess what my kids did today... but im sure we will find something else to talk about.



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