22 July 2010


im enjoying teaching on the more one on one front again.... its a nice change to teach someone that.... well, wants to learn :)

and even better when the book you are using offers up an activity to draw a dog and describe your personality based on how you drew the dog.... and you student looks at you like you are crazy because you are so exited about it. je... je... je.

i do however keep noticing something.... when im planning my classes ... i keep wanting to reach for the scissors and glue and stickers.... then i realize that my student thats probably got 50 years on the little tykes at the school is probably not down with cutting and pasting like they were. thats something im ok with getting used to :)

and. i ate a monster of a salad today. a monster. i got really excited about seeing mushrooms being reduced in price and went from there to an enormous spinach mushroom dried cranberry vinaigrette goodness of a monster salad about 30 minutes later. oh blue cheese. you should come back into my life....



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