07 July 2010

the walla recovery

If you wanted to fly, I can take you. If you wanted the sky, I can make two. If you wanted to lose yourself in me; if you wanted to dream… If you wanted to lose all of the things that bring you down, the things that bring you down…

When the weight is too heavy to lift on your own, close your eyes and let me show my strength. Dont you ever forget that Im bringing you home; you wont ever make it without me. When you walk through the fire, you can never be burned. Hold my hand and let me show you how. More faithful than the sunrise and seasons that turn, Im the only one youll ever need.

I am the only one. I am the only one for you.

I Am the Only One

2003 · Words & music © Zack Smith

I found this band recently through noise trade. and im a fan. i put together a mix of new music i have, set i tunes on random... and every time this song ( i am the only one for you) plays it catches my attention. i think its very creative. and, well im just a big fan of it. and after looking at their website, good news for you, if you want to check their stuff out ( i dont know if its still on noisetrade) they are giving this album for free! so go check them out and fall in love with their music, then come to peru so we can build up a big enough fan base here to make them want to come play. :D


Alleen McLain said...

LOVE this band. thanks for the lead. I've downloaded their stuff. :)

Julie said...

no problem! im glad you like them... im in love. its refreshing and honest, if that makes any sense. so.... one more to add to the fan base.... to bring them here... haha hope you are doing well alleen :)


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