07 July 2010


does that look like an octagon? okay... it does... a little... right?

well, that was the first attempt at the first piece of this project im starting. and i cant believe i tore the whole thing out.... to change the size of the hook im using... to try to get it the right size. because the square is supposed to be 16 mm not 17. and im counting stitches. ive turned into a completely different person. using rulers and counting... who does that?

today has been a good day.

~ i had the kids making pretend snow to glue to their "winter" page today so they were pretty content. *note to self.... glue and paper keep kids happy... throw in some scissors and its all the better*

~ i received some chocolate covered almonds as a teacher appreciation gift from the school psychologist today... it was really sweet of her. i wonder if she notcied how awkward i felt the other day when all the little kiddos were handing their teachers roses all around me.... and i awkwardly walked away telling myself... i am a teacher... i am a teacher... i am....

~ i asked a little girl thats been crying every day (found out recently because of some family stuff) to make a pretty picture for her teacher (me) today when she had extra time because she finished her project early and she smiled instead of cried. :)

~my mom... sent one of the best packages ive ever received. involving a 2 lb bag of coffee... chocolate covered coffee beans... (jultons) cookies..... lots of good good stuff. thanks mom.
.... for some reason it put me in the mood to drink chocolate milk... so i went out and got some... but gloria just doesnt cut it like my favorite brand from good 'ole wv does. im telling you, mr bees potato chips + broughton chocolate ice cream just plain equals birthday. at least for me.

~julton called today!!! hes doing great, learning lots and making lots of international friends. he comes back soon.... his plan leaves tomorrow night. :)



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