09 July 2010

christmas in july

its definitely feeling like christmas around here.... four packages back to back to back to... back?!

between rachel... joanna.... my mom.... and gillian.... it just feels like christmas around here.

from measuring cups and towels to coffee... and coffee and coffee... cookies (that i cant touch until julton comes back.... tomorrow morning!!!!) to blackberry jelly to dried cranberries.... taco seasoning and forgotten christmas sunglasses.... stickers and stickers and stickers.... its beginning ot look a lot like christmas :) and im ok with that. i have great and very generous friends (and mom :) )

makes me feel a lot like a little kid again since when i was younger aunt juanita would alway bring presents in or around july... and it was definitely christmas in july.

im also, little by little progressing on the afghan.. more on that another time... (which reminds me, mom sent a knitting book.... so im going to start learning to knit.... ohhhh whats up socks here i come! i decided to cave and learn or at least try to learn how to knit... because you can search and search for fun crochet designs (and find some) but there is an overflowing bounty of knitting designs out there.. so im giving in and im going to try to learn. fingers crossed.

aaandd i cant forget to mention our mini cup today at school. although i dont have pictures for it... all of this week each classroom was preparing and learning about other countries all for today. i loved walking in the 3 year classroom and being greeted in japanese while they were having the flag painted on their faces. each classroom was assigned a different country and today was our mini cup. lots of loud music, lots of cheering, lots of chasing the ball.... out the lines and into the playground .... and anywhere but on the field. they even brought in some of the guys from a college soccer team to get the kids excited about playing, a couple of the guys had children in the school too, all the more exciting. every day is a different adventure when you work in a jardin. :)



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