21 June 2010

a walk down memory lane

im so excited to announce that one of my close friends is back visiting from spain!!!! alexandra.... oh alexandra..... she was one of my first students.... and we spent a lot of time together. i taught her class, plus a conversation class, plus we hung out and she taught me spanish. of course that was after a few months because i thought she didnt like me, turns out she was just shy.

alexandra moved to spain exactly a year ago... and ive missed her since. we get to talk occasionally but not enough. and shes here visiting for a while...

heres one of our first classes.... oh. memories.

and just recently with her new haircut and new style from spain. shes all spanish spanish now with her accent hip catalan words. (in spain they talk with a lisp.... and catalan is the language of barcelona, where she lives)

i had saved her certificate for her from sali... she left without it, so when sali closed i grabbed it for her intent on mailing it... but well... she got back to peru before i got to the post office... how about that.... hmmmm

im pretty excited thats shes here for a while.. even if it is just for a visit. when we said goodbye at the bus station when she left i thought for sure i was never going to see her again. that when she came back to peru i would be in the states. but thanks to julton.... im still here!! :)


Gillian said...

Ren's a Ho!!!

Tell Alexandra I said hi...and I think her new haircut is sassy fun!


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