24 June 2010

abuelita mamita

just for the record i have to say...

that it makes my heart smile to hear Julton talking with his grandma on the speaker phone... and to hear her say "uy Julton I want to talk to your love Julita, what can i say? can i talk to her? does she understand me?? i want to talk to her, can i talk to her?" and starts Julton saying.... yes yes just talk slowly slowly... mamita slowly... and she can understand you!

its funny because as long as his grandma and i have known each other, i havent been able to undertand her. her acent is jungle heavy, and she uses a log of jungle slang i dont hear on a coastly basis. my spanish has gotten better though and shes gotten better at explaining words to me that i dontknow. weve moved on from me just nodding my head to her conversation and she and i both knowing that i have no idea what she is saying. she sends me 'flowers' over the phone. and she sent us some food in the mail.... more on that later.

its really late. i had no idea. .... good night!



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