20 June 2010

sweaty fish

what do you do with a husband that wakes up and says i dont feel good... i think im pregnant? well... you take away the breakfast you just made because its too greasy, and you have banana juice for breakfast.

then for lunch you have sweaty fish. really. :)

meet sudado de pescado. sweaty fish.

(dont worry no real sweat goes into it... the fish sits in a pot of sauces and tomatoes "sweating" and thats how it cooks, thus its name. if theres a more formal word for that... i cant think of it right now and ive got an english block... sorry)

julton wasnt feeling well today ... one of those.. i dont really know whats wrong, but hide the mayo because it makes me feel worse. and sudado is the opposite of mayonnaise. its a typical dish (i smile every time i say/hear that.... its common for students to ask "and whats your typical dish of your city/state/country?" in a very serious voice. its because its a common question in spanish, typical just doesnt get translated into english in a way we are used to hearing it.) so anyway, its common to see it on restaurant menus. i had never made it before, but i was up for the challenge. im pretty excited that ive gotten pretty good at reading recipes in spanish without jultons help (cooking vocabulary is outside my daily spanish conversations). writing recipes in spanish? im getting there.

so... if you feel up to making some sudado, im going to give you what i used today which is taken from this websites recipe. i used it... but just like my crocheting i follow patterns or recipes to a certain extent then just do my own thing.... either because i dont know how to do the pattern, or im just still feel rebel-ish like i was 16.

*another note... the origional recipe was for six servings, but i only made two... which means... my sudado was probably alot stronger or spicier than the origional because i always cut down on the main ingredient then forget to cut down the rest of the recipe.... oops!...also..... theres a lot of mixes that you can buy in the stores or markets, of pureed cilantro... or peppers... just lots of stuff... and sometimes a peruvian recipe will call for example "a spice mix for fish" so i went to the store and told them i what i was making and they threw a few sauces into a bag for me. but im going to tell separate that out for you as well as i can.

Sudado de Pescado

2 filets of white boneless fish
enough oil to saute some onions
1 large onion, sliced in quarters
2 pieces of garlic, minced
1 teaspoon of ginger, minced finely
1 tablespoon finely chopped parsley
1 tablespoon finely chopped cilantro
1/4 cup white wine
1 large tomato, peeled and quartered and quartered
the juice of one lime
salt and pepper
*a teaspoon of aji rojo (or im thinking paprika could work)
*a teaspoon of aji amarillo (or... another pepperlike spice)
(i think i used more than a teaspoon, but just add to taste for your spice level)

Saute the onion, garlic and ginger, but dont let it brown.
add the spices, lime, and wine, let the alcohol cook out
add the parsley and cilantro, and season with salt and pepper
(at this point i did a taste test to see how i felt about all the spices)
add the tomatoes... then add the fish
turn the flame down and cover the pot, let simmer until the fish is tender
(halfway through i flipped the fish to make sure the sauce covered all sides of it)

serve with a generous portion of white rice (that youve cooked with garlic of course)
and boiled potatoes or... like today we had boiled yuca... if you dont know what that is, its like a potato, looks like a root... becuase it is... and its delicous fried... but since Julton was saying no to all things with grease today, we stuck with boiled.

Torta de Galleta (cookie cake)

since he was sick and today was jultons day... as i was walking out the door to get the spices to make the sudado, he made a request for torta de galleta. so... you know i gave in.

torta de galleta is basically.... vanilla cookies in layers with chocolate and vanilla pudding.
pretty simple :)

i hope that youve enjoyed your sunday and relaxed like we have.... here comes monday! im actually looking a little bit forward to the morning since we made the trip to the market and got the fruits to make juice for breakfast :)


Gillian said...

If I say I don't feel well, will you come make me Peruvian food?

Julie said...

if you said i dont feel well i think im pregnant... i would bring you some aji to help that food baby. :)


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