19 June 2010

this fine saturday...

it was time.. high time to relax and get the heck out of the house and stop thinking about work and just have some fun.

so we did :)

julton revealed to me this week that the reason i stay stressed out is because i think about my work all the time. and when i have free time i dont take advantage of it. and i? agreed.

so our solution was to get up early (that didnt happen... its saturday.. WHAT were we thinking?) and get to the beach. we planned to read on the beach but that part didnt happen... it was actually cold. too cold to sit in one place long enough to read a sufficient amount of words. so we gave up that idea. but we did eat french toast and drink banana juice at a favorite cafe :)

we spent lots of time just walking around and enjoying being out of the city. and i got a new pair of earrings out of the deal :)

the micro we took was fun because it was a fixed up school bus... which by the way had a cabelas sign hanging in the front... weird.

and we watched the gray ocean come back and forth... and searched for lizards in the rocks near the pier.... can you find him? its like wheres waldo.... (now that i think of it... i need one of those books... i think its possible that everyone does...someone out there could send me a wheres waldo book if you want :D)

and we finished off the date in the center market buying up fresh fruits to make juice this week... strawberries are starting to make an appearance.. im getting pretty excited for that...

my favorite quote of the day?

"Julie... you know we are different sometimes... me... I'm more formal... and you... you are just an explosion of things"
-(said by my betrothed of course) :) happy saturday everyone :)



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