25 June 2010

happy farmers day

bet you didnt know that in peru the 24th of June is el dia del campesino "farmers day" so.. what do you do when its farmers day? well some schools would have you draw pictures of horses or plants or maybe get all fancy and paint or cut something.... but our school takes things to a higher level so naturally we rounded up all the kids and took a trip to the farm.

so thursday morning instead of preparing for a day of classes, we were all rounding up kids and getting on buses to travel an hour outside the city to go visit one of the students parents farms. i didnt really know where to put myself. everyone, and by everyone i mean everyone in the school went, to take care of the kids. since i dont have my own permanent class, i just kind of float around. so thursday i stayed with some of my favorites :) shhhhh dont tell anyone.
ps: i have no idea why a couple of the kids are tilting their heads like that... their funny like that sometimes... maybe thats why theyre my favorites :)

we arrived and had our loncheras, our snacks, and then headed out into the farm. all of the kids got a small pot which we went out into the asparagus field and dug up some dirt then put some seeds in. we wandered around for a long time, on a big farm. saw horses, chicken, fighting chicken... im still not sure if its legal legal here, or that its just overlooked but cocks are raised for fighting and its very very common. we were advised not to get too close to their cages..hmm

and, i also bet you didnt know that this little farm town outside of trujillo is one of the biggest exporters of asparagus. did you? well, now you know. green and white. the only difference? the white isnt allowed to get any sun.

all the kids wore hats and sunscreen.... i should ahve gotten that memo .... because i showed up at school today and alllll of the kids and alllll of the teachers asked my what was wrong with my sunkissed face. oh yes, your skin is more delicate they say... and i say yes.... i know... you have no idea how many times i get reminded of that! so..... on thursday past, happy farmers day to all you farmers :)



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