20 May 2010

a sickie and a soup.

julton and i pretty much have the same schedule, as far as leaving work at the same time. its nice. but recently he started work later a few times a week. which is ok, i end up staying at work longer thus being more efficient. because no matter how hard i try once i get home its either sleep eat or internet no matter how many things i have to glue cut or create for the kids.
yesterday was one of those days. i was just getting into the mindset of trucking on through some work when my phone rang.

in a small voice "im sick"

so i gave a raincheck to the whole staying at work later idea and went home. and he was really sick. i walked in the door, sat down next to him. "im sick" is pretty much all i got. oh except for, do you think you can make some of your chicken soup?

now lets stop right there and focus on that for a second. chicken soup.


now let me take you back through some memories of ... oh the entire time ive known julton. whome has been convinced that when someone from the states gets sick they think that drinking water and eating chicken soup is going to cure them. he thinks that because anytime i have a migraine or am otherwise sick, i stock up on water and usually want soup. actually one of jultons first memories of me is of me (with a migraine mountain in my head) refusing to take pills (i dont like to take them... and im stubborn about it) and downing a 2 liter of water. from the 2 liter bottle. that image stuck with him.

so i just think its funny that now that hes sick hes asking for chicken soup. hmmm.

so i made him some soup. and i squeezed some orange juice. since we dont have an orange squeezer and i just rung the life out of the orange peels with my hands i hope that gets some points somewhere :)

im actually really excited about the soup though. before i moved to peru i had no idea how to make soup. actually i hsould say before i lived with gillian in sonias house i had never made soup. gillian taught me her ways. (usually because i was with migraine and she was making soup for me) and since gillian is in the states and im married... well... shes not around to make the soup. so ive been experimenting. leave the bones? take out the bones? do you really want to use celery? because you know you hate celery even if they say it "adds flavor" is using chicken powder concentrate (is it even chicken?) cheating? what if you use chicken and the chicken packet? well lots of questions like that fly through my mind when im thinking about making soup.

but yesterday was a success. so much a success that we ate it (happily) again today. (as an entrada for lunch)

so basically i threw together chicken (with the bones... ooo) red onion garlic salt and pepper and i did end up using the chicken packet. some kidney beans some chick peas. some corn. some green onion some cabbage. a veggie here thats kind of like pumpkin or squash. and some rice. i think thats all.

and it was great.

and im convinced that it was great because i DIDNT use celery.

so we ate soup.... then like a normal sick day when the tablets he was taking werent working very well.... i hopped on down to the farmacy to get a needle and some liquid injection. julton taught me how to give an injection (ive actually done it once before -sorry gillian) but it was still hard. he didnt tell me that the med in the needle was going to hurt. so after i was giving him the injection and he was saying take it out take it out it hurts it hurts it hurts!!!!!!!! loud enough for our neiighbors to be a part of our experience. i was scared to death that i had put the injection in the wrong place and he was never going to be able to walk again. (yep for some reason my mind jumps that far.. worst case scenario) but he was okay.

doctors dont take medicine very well.

but no worries hes (starting) to feel better today.



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