18 May 2010


i remember parks.

the kind of parks where you can just go lay out in the grass with or without a blanket if you desire and not worry about the thought of dog doody but instead you just sit down without hesitation. you know, the kind of park where there are so many different kinds of people. the runners. the walkers. the passerbyers. the kids throwing rocks bread at the ducks. where there are couples hanging out but not making out. where there are friends making memories. someone getting away to read a book. someone taking pictures. the sun setting. enough grass to run and roll in. and no one really watching you like you are weird for sitting on the grass or doing whatever it is that you are doing. blowing bubbles. playing badminton. eating a packed up lunch of pbandj or pbandnutella...or a burrito from moes.

the parks are one of the things that i miss, and that i feel i can safely/honestly recognize that i miss. sometimes i feel a little shy to admit that i miss something. i dont want to make myself feel like i dont like what i have here. because there are so many things that i love/ cant/wont find in the states.

but parks? i miss em.

one of my favorite memories from college is from one sunday. i was restless. i got went through the routine. i got in the car and i drove to the church. then i just sat in the parking lot. after sitting there a few minutes... i put the car in reverse and made it back home to grab a blanket. one of my favorites i might add. and i spent the day driving worshipping listening and praying in my car. alone. it was welll, so what i needed. i finished the day at one of the parks with my blanket and my bible. and to this day its still recorded in my memory as one of my best sundays spent.



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