20 May 2010

mini triunfo beach day

katy and i went to the beach the friday of my vacaciones. we went prepared for.... a wintery blustery day at the beach. what were we greeted with? hello sunshine and girls in bikinis. you would have noticed us because we were the ones in sweaters and scarves. it was still a great, great day. i love that girl. and i love spending time with her. we walked allll over huanchaco. through back allies and around streets we probably shouldnt have gone down. but it was fun and we got some good pictures. we knocked on several doors to see apartments that were being rented (just for fun...?) but i think everyone was out to lunch because no one opened the door. that or no one in huanchaco would want to rent to us. we ate some great veggie saltado. we ate too much ice cream (mini triunfos). we sweated. we wanted to just get in the ocean but didnt. we went onto the not so safe areas of the dock where only the serious (?) fishers go. we layed on the beach talking and talking and talking under clouds and sun. then were nearly swept into the ocean when the tide came in. and when i say it came in i mean it came up a small mountain of sand the reach us (we werent sitting right in front of the ocean) and it surrounded us by a few feet... but didnt touch anyone else. so we had to ride back home on the bus in wet clothes anyway. wet sweaters. eh.

still. beautiful day. very beautiful day.

ps. my face was a red as a tomato as julton pointed out to me, when i got home. i completely didnt think about sunscreen. i mean it was so red people in the street stared at me as i waslked past them. at night.



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