21 May 2010

espinaca y ajo

today i think i had one of my new favorite lunches. when Julton and i stopped in Wong last night, (we were on a mission for about three things.. bacon, bananas, and more oranges... what more do you need to make a jungle boy feel better when hes sick than orange juice, meat and bananas?... nope, nothing) when i found myself standing in front of the spinach while the bananas were being priced. i still wish i could get a sweet little bag of baby spinach. but im getting used to the mature stuff. i didnt realize i was staring at the spinach until julton walked over and said... add a fourth... lets get some spinach. you see, he doesnt like it. he doesnt like veggies. so im going to conclude that im the more passive one since weve been eating more meat and less veggies recently. but today. today...

i took some linguine.... (contrary to what a friend who married a peruvian told me before we married that "you cant make pasta everyday" weve been eating a lot of pasta. and i didnt even eat that much before... i guess we are just on a pasta kick for a while)

and i fried some bacon... just long enough to be cooked but not crispy

then i took the bacon out and cut it up while i was melting some butter and garlic on the stove (we eat a lot of garlic... a lot.)

i put the bacon back in then i at the last minute added salt pepper and lots of spinach. just long enough that it didnt wilt too much but well, tasted like garlic :)

and it my friends, was delicious. im pretty proud of it.

and i got to enjoy it with some green tea that Gillian sent. i made a whole pitcher. threw in some honey. and let it be happy in the freezer.

awesome lunch for a long day? yes.



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