21 May 2010

dont move.... "but youre tickling me!!!"

i was really excited about starting this project... since february when we came up with a tentative plan for the year and i had this idea for the "body" lessons. a lesson lasts 3 weeks. the third week is a project week. so my memory took me back to kindergarten when my teacher had us make life size drawings of ourselves. then on the night when the parents visited the school our life size versions were there sitting in our seats as though we were working. well, i forgot that that class size was... a lot smaller than the number of students that i have. and i dont remember the process. all i remember is the final product. i just vaguely remember these cutouts of us taped to chairs.

well, i was excited. until yesterday when the reality that i have a lot of students set in. i created a lot of work for myself. and a lot of work for my knees and leg muscles whom are really screaming at me today. because you see... i spent yesterday and pretty much today... on the floor crawling around squirming kids trying to trace their outline onto paper. the kids waiting werent satisfied with the game i had them playing... and the ones on the paper... just. wouldnt. sit. still!

the ones that started coloring seemed to be having more fun. well.... some of them. it seems like for some of the kids i just cant find anything that gets them excited. im working on that. ive tried lots and lots of things. and... well im still trying.

ps... today is friday!!!!!!

hes a good worker.... hes aaaalways asking "miss like this?? ..... like this??.... miss am i drawing this like i should???...miss like this???"

also a great worker. he likes to draw but he finishes so quick! and he doesnt do a sloppy job. i like this picture because he looks so content with looking at the drawing of himself.

and well... some of the kids just got distracted.

i still think its a good project. the kids are copying themselves then next week we are going to label lots of stuff. im going to let the kids point out where their head is and toes and all that good stuff, then write (or let me help them, or trace) the words.

its just been a lot of work on me the past couple of days. my legs are killllling me. i feel way older than i am. or wait, im older. ... am i old?

random story: one of the teachers noticed that i was having a little bit of trouble getting up and down off the floor today (the second day of it) and she said i looked tired and asked me if i was pregnant (since anything that happens to me the first thing the girls at the jardin ask is "are you pregnant?" she was so serious. and my reaction was so seriously surprised and scared. why??? why do you think so? you just look tired. ohhh i said .... well.... yes i am... with 70 children. :)

ive got hopes for this project. i hope that the kids enjoy it as much as i have hopes for them too.



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