15 May 2010


remember how i said that i was going to go this week to visit people that probably thought i was in the states because they hadn't seen me in so long? well, i accomplished my goal.

i went to visit my friend cindy and her family this week. i met cindy because her family owns the jungle food restaurant where i used to go more than frequently to have lunch. over time we just became friends. im not really sure how it happen, but after time i started spending more and more time there with the family instead of just for lunch. if you will remember my experience with the cow tongue? its the same family.

this week cindy and i planned to make some peanut butter cookies and no bake cookies. some cookies i have gifted her and she has been craving them since haha.

after going to the store to stock up on what we needed... we realized that tottus didnt have any peanut butter. pucha. if you know anything about those two recipes you know that peanut butter is essential. cindy looked at me and said well... do you know how to make anything else? and i said well... yes.... but... without a recipe? we'd better not. so whats the next logical step?

thank you betty crocker for your prepackaged chocolate chip muffins and for them being in Peru. its convenience won for the day. so we packed up on the bags of instant muffin mix :D and off to huanchaco (where they have a home, i visited before where they make all their delicious juanes) with her mom the nanny and fernanda her beautiful baby girl.

cindy and her baby girl

AND at one mention of peanut butter, her mom pulled out a bag of peanuts and taught me how to make my own peanut butter! that could have been the best part. its so easy i had no idea. cindys mom offered to let me come over whenever i wanted to use the molino to make my own peanut butter. the weird thing? (at first) after we grinded all the peanuts, i found her throwing in some garlic... umm... garlic i asked? "yep, it helps the peanut fat pass through your body" ..."oh.... okay" i was more than curious and a little confused at first... but it didnt change the flavor much at all. it was thicker than what i'm used to but cindys mom eagerly explained that its because the peanut butter i am used to has been blended with oil and thats why its so creamy. hmmm who knew.

the toasting

the grinding

so... looks like there is a molino in our future. what would be funny is if we buy that before we buy a blender. well, i would be happy with either one because either one will grind the bags of coffee that are just looking at me begging to be consumed! (African Bliss)

our lonche for the night. fresh mantequilla de mani and herba luisa tea. fresh from their garden. i went home with a whole bag of goodies from that visit.



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