10 December 2009

what did you eat today?

today... as i was seated at the table in the restaurant of my friend cindy's family.... cindy served me a plate... as i was looking around... her boyfriend and father who were with me started to eat... and well i did too.... it went a little like this:

Father: come julie come! (eat!)
Me: (i wanted to wait on cindy... but hes a pretty intimidating guy sometimes... makes you hop to do things...) ... i hopped to shove a piece of meat in my mouth that looked like asado de res (roast beefy) but... a little different..
Cindy: hey Julie.. you like? ey? te gusta... you like?
Me: si.... but what is it?
Cindy's Boyfriend: HA its better we wait to tell you after...
Me:... (uhh well thats strange.. ok...)
2 minutes later...
Cindy: its lengua!! (tongue!!!!!!!!)
Me: Bah!!!!
i almost threw it all back up in an instant.

I ate... cow tongue today.... i ate cow tongue. i really really did. it really wasnt so bad, and i liked it before she told me that, if she hadnt have told me i probably wouldnt have had that strange look on my face for the rest of lunch to which her bf said you dont have to eat it if you dont wanna, and i said no no no i do want to... but uh.... do you want this extra? im full. ha

the rest of the day was awesome... we went out to the beach for fernanda (cindys 9 month old baby) first time at the beach. rolling around in the sand and getting water splashed on her feet. it was fun to experience their family. they treat me like one of their own, even sharing their cow tongue with me. ouh.



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