15 May 2010




ive been pretty addicted to food gawker since gillian introduced me to it some time ago. and as i was scanning the recipes the other day i found a chili recipe that caught my eye. since ive been eating meat and cooking a lot of it recently i figured that chili was probably a pretty safe way to go for the husband that doesnt so much as smell very many veggies.

and im pretty content with the success. im always a little nervous to sit down and eat something with julton that new for him and something we eat in the states but is hard to describe to him. he thought we were going to eat some soup :) jeje

i had to change up her recipe a little bit because i dont have the ingredients here. i boiled down some fresh tomatoes instead of finding canned ones. and i used an aji instead of jalepeƱo. and doubled up on the spices because i dont have hot sauce. but it was great! and julton was content with the soup thats not a soup! :) we ate ours with baby avocados that a friend gave me this week ("theyre like butter" she said) they didnt even have seeds. and i added cilantro but julton snarles at anything green. aaaand we had sour cream!!! thanks to the recipe allen bradford shared with me i finally made some sour cream!

and of course, because we are in Peru... we couldnt skip the rice, so we piled the chili on top. :)


Suzie Ridler said...

Yay! Thank you so much for letting me know that you made my chili recipe and liked it, that makes me very happy. :) I live for comments like this, it means so much. I am also glad that you made it your own and it still worked, awesome!

Julie said...

no problem! :) we liked the chili a lot :) and i know it feels good to get some feed back every now and then to get some reassurance that someone is reading :)


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