05 May 2010

kenedy gets a jacket


kenedy is a good friend of ours that moved to trujillo this year from moyobamba to study to be a dentist. hes a good kid. i say kid because hes 16. they start em young here. (in college)

a couple nights ago was his... well i dont know the word for it but let me explain it for you. dentists and doctors, and probably anyone medical that eventually wears a white coat, has a ceremony where they receive their jacket. and they have the tradition that the father/mother presents the jacket and literally puts it on the student. kenedy asked julton to come to the ceremony, since his dad is in moyobamba.

proud "parents"
julton and kenedy... usually dont smile for pictures.

...except for when you get them laughing hysterically at something then get them both to magically look at the camera and voila!

they looked at that picture and worriedly said "but theres too much teeth!"

eh. boys.



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