07 May 2010

i love you mommy

today was a day that i wished that i had taken my camera to work. that always happens. i used to say i wanted a fanny pack so that i could safely keep my camera with me at all times. dont laugh- fanny packs are actually quite popular here, and not just with tourists. street vendors keep their money in them and emo kids keep their... well, whatever they keep in them.

well i havent committed to the fanny pack idea yet, and as i was walking out the door i almost caught the thought in the back of my mind about going back inside for my camera. but... since the time was already closing in on 7:30 (the time i need to be in the computer system at work) i decided to keep walking towards the street.

today wasn't a normal day. there was no line of parents or maids dropping off children in line as i went into the building... actually it was quite calm and quiet. today the kids didn't have school, they started their day early for their week of vacation. but today, since its the friday before mothers day, the school arranged a special day for the kids and their moms to participate in at a local business. a local business, which i found out today is actually a scrap booking house. i had no idea scrap booking had made it to Peru. and i had no idea it had arrived right down the street from my house which is where the day was held. the kids and their moms got to make scrap book style stuff, get a lesson in cooking together, and for the girls get face paint, or manicures. it was lots of interesting fun, and lots of fun for us as teachers to be able to watch the kids with their moms instead of being busy keeping everyone in line. we got to take a turn watching the parents do that.

it was really interesting for me to watch how the parents interacted with their kids. which ones gave attention to their child, which worked on a project together with the child and which just said no no theres no time just wait and watch, while they finished it. the parents that had more patience with their kids and worked on projects together are the parents of the children who are more calm and obedient in school. at least thats what ive noticed.

well i didn't take my camera, which i should have done. but i do have a video from a class practicing their song. "i love you mommy" which they practiced and practiced for two weeks amongst other mothers day activities and crafts so that they could present their songs to the mothers today. sorry if the video isnt very clear!

so, happy happy friday to everyone. and happy beginning of vacation to meee!



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