05 May 2010

you just might be asking yourself right now the question: what is that? why is Julie posting sandwiches on her blog?

no, i'm not opening a deli.

that my friends is my photographic expression of what i have been dreaming of this week. my dream became my reality for lunch today. oh so so good.

B L T...A

i suppose this is my proof that i still eat/want to eat meat even when im not eating with Julton. I've been giving him a hard time that I havent eaten enough vegetables since we got married because hes mr carnivore. well, theres bacon but there are also three more vegetables on that plate than i normally eat. if you call avocado a vegetable. i can completely and honestly say that my working at the jardin all day inspired hunger was satisfied by this sandwich in a big sigh of contentment from the first bite.

im also officially apologizing for taking so long to post again. its been awhile. ive been busy.. had fun too but been very busy with my work. my work has been a rollercoaster on my emotions lately. i had to send more notes home. its really only two classes that stress me out. i try to tell myself that they are just kids, and just let it go if you dont get the lesson done. but yesterday we only got through the first 5 minutes, in a 45 minute class. and i was ready to cry by the time i left. but im working on my stern look and my serious voice and the psychologist is helping me (and the teacher of their class thats with them all the time) to work out a strategy to get them to behave better. updates soon. but not for a while because the week coming is vacation week!!!

i plan to celebrate by visiting friends (some that live only a few blocks away) whom probably think that julton and i packed up and went to the states because they havent heard from us. im pretty excited!!!

we also just recently celebrated two birthdays from the family of the padrinos of our wedding. well, we didnt get to stay long enough to see the show of mateos one year celebration. but we were there long enough to see all the colorful decorations and see lots of grinning kids, and a smiling mateo. they said he was laughing dancing and running around everywhere with his presents. then a few days later we went to celebrate ronalds birthday with them. when i asked him how he felt. he said "old"! im so busy with 8 jobs, 4 kids, a busy life. but im so happy. im so blessed. the serranos are awesome an i am positive that there is no one on this earth that would tell you otherwise. im pretty stoked that we are neighbors!

elsie... is one of my awesome three year students... and was the flower girl in our wedding.

and mateo? mateo was walking at 11 months. and taking down a trampoline at 12.

and thats just two of their kids. need i say more?


Gillian said...

Hey...I vote that goes on FoodGawker.

just saying.

P.s. I'm also just saying that I luuurves and miss you.

Julie said...

i hope it does go on food gawker. then i hope some company sends me free samples to try and advertise in my blog. and i hope those free samples involve chocolate chips instead of gotas de chocolate. haha


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