15 April 2010

a typical dish

these... are cuyes... guinea pigs.... i realize that when you hear the word guinea pig you think sweet soft fun small furry ...pet. well.... here in peru... thats just not the case.

sorry jenn.

the above picture is from a friends house, they were saving up the cuy for when the family came home at christmas.

and the following.... are proof of my first cuy lunch experience. if you will notice... my plate is actually empty. no-that is not because i licked it clean bones and all. that, is because the plates were too expensive to pay full price for one for a recently turned from vegetarianism united states girl who still has a hard time getting over seeing the small things as food. so i got a side plate. im going to go ahead and admit that i mostly ate the potatoes and rice... but i tried the 'typical dish'

and aparently we are going soon to experience "sopa de cabeza" which is a soup that actually has a sheeps head sitting in it... im trying to get up the courage for this... but im having trouble. they say that after you eat it... you fall into a deep slumber. i wonder what happens if you look at it?

Julton was incredibly excited for this...

Katy took us to the place... she was equally excited..

and me?...well... im up for new experiences.. and im now into the "your lunch place will be my lunch place" did i mention that julton doesnt eat many vegetables? .... my vegetarian restaurant friends miss me. and i miss my broccoli. if he can get me to eat more meat i can get him to eat more veggies right?



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