16 April 2010

4 to 6

today the 5 year olds made me want to cry... and made me decide in an explosion of emotion that i have to talk to God about my potential future children skipping the age of 5 altogether. from 4 to 6 they go!

but then later on some of the aids in the 4 year olds classes told me that they thought the way i taught was linda.(pretty) i said... really??? (because i feel like im failing). they assured me that the kids love the classes. well, i win the four year olds over with games and songs... the five year olds?... they think my games are boring, apparently im not mature enough for the 5 year olds. so? they get to work this week! no more passive miss! sadly that also means more work for me...

and the 3 year olds? the swamped me with a hug... until we all went tumbling doooown. haha

they are having a pajama party at the school tonight... allll the 4 and 5 year olds in tents sleeping at the school... and the littler ones inside their rooms... i... am very thankful to be sleeping tucked in tight into my own bed.

such a small sweet gift.



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