15 April 2010

"mama y papa:"

i had to write my first notes to the parents yesterday :S

each kid has their own agenda which the teachers use to send home general announcements as well as personal notes about the students, their way of keeping the parents updated. really, the school system is so much more personal. the parents have the option of being very informed. the parents (or in some cases the maid...) pick the kids up and drop them off everyday, from and into the hands of their teacher. and the agendas get sent home everyday.

yesterday they got sent home with my handwriting under the date. it went a little something like..

dear mom and dad: i want to tell you that your child was not paying attention today in class. for that reason he/she didnt finish his work in class today. please, can you talk to him/her? thank you, miss julie.

i didnt want to do it... but the kids... i dont know what to do!! i think im too passive for this job. i work well with the kids that listen... but the kids that dont listen... i dont know what to do with them! yesterday that group of kids that got the letters, had to sit and watch their friends get to color because they actually listened to me when i was yelling "will somebody please listen to me!!!??"

they pretty much hated me.

but today they were just the same, only they recruited more friends. i cant figure out how to get them excited... we sing, we dance, we play, we color... really ive tried everything i know... and if something even begins to work... it doesnt matter because if i do the same thing tomorrow they will say "ohhh agaaainnn???" and we are back to square one.

no one can say my job is boring.

you can however say that my coworkers are planning when i will have my first pregnancy. that word is just weird for me period. without the rest of the sentence. one teacher is a few months into having a baby... another is planning for the end of the year, then its another girls turn... then apparently its the perfect time for me. we'll see if their predictions pan out....



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