13 April 2010

mis pequeñitos traviesos

(my little troublemakers)

i will admit... the first month of my job was rough. it was rough for many reasons... i was (am) adjusting to many things. I went to a freer schedule to a routine, i went from teaching adults to teaching children babies, i went from teaching private classes to teaching classes of 8-15... i went to teaching little things that ask funny questions and hug you one minute and cry at you the next, ask you to give them your voice as a gift because its so pretty, complain and laugh at the same time, get hungry and tell you all about it, and well just cant go to the bathroom unaccompanied. They are getting used to me too... i have a funny accent, i make them play a lot more than they are used to in class, i dont understand most of the rude comments so they dont get in trouble quite so often, sometimes i dont speak clear... for the first few weeks they really just stared at me.

last week was a breakthrough. the kids hug me, and im starting to hug back (don't judge me... im getting used to this kid thing)... they yell my name in the street when they see me when they are with their parents... i get invited to share their half eaten bananas....

last weekwas a really great week, the kids all participated there werent many criers, they had fun and i had fun and they learned. they seemed more at peace and i felt more at peace... and i am positive that God is seriously working in my heart and working some magic in my work.. and teaching me a lot of things that I am ever so slowly processing slower than the kids process that to win a sticker from the united states you ahve to be quiet attentive and just plain listen to the teacher. i had a little boy cry on me today fiercely cry i might add, because he didnt win a sticker even though i calmly explained to him at least 7 times throughout the class that he wasnt going to win a sticker if he didnt start behaving better.

This week is a little bit more rough... i think that the kids are a little restless, and so am i. we have a break coming soon! Every two months we get a week long break. cha ching! I really do have a great job, I love it :D

I've been praying a lot for this job... my students... me. I want to be a good influence in their lives. I can see in some of their precious (im warming up to them) faces that they don't all have good influences or a lot of love. It's hard to watch some parents so active and other parents be so inactive so much as to be 30 minutes late to pick the child up.

This week we learned how to sing "He's got the whole world in His hands" its awesome to watch the kids sing it when they cooperate for the whole song... maybe I can get a video... I see a "competition" coming up.

...To be continued...



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