02 January 2010

those friends

you know those friends... those friends you can go for years without seeing but in the moment you see each other again its just like no time has passed or been lost. you pick up just where you left off just like it had been yesterday.

those are the ones you don't let go of. and you count how lucky you are to have found them.

i met Jess when I was... 16? mas o menos. and thats characterized our friendship since. shes one of those friends you can wear too much black and dred your hair with glue with then years later pick up just where you left off. i will never forget that night we got dressed up and dreded our hair with glue and glow in the dark gel then headed to the local skating rink to show ourselves off or skate or well whatever is it we did. then there was the other time we duck taped our jeans and wore them to school. (in a small county school in the middle of wv that was a step in a different direction...) we have lots of great memories. im thankful shes a part of my life.

this week we got together and spent 4 hours chatting/sharing pictures/and laughs at the panera bread where the guy taking orders asked me if i had gone home to change clothes and come back for lunch. because wed been there so long. i bittersweetly looked over her wedding photos wishing i could have been there for it, and we laughed at pictures and stories from my time in peru so far. i wish i could box her up and take her back with me. her husband might miss her though. ;) ohhh wv sc and peru.. i wish i could just bottle up a little bit of each of you and put you all together in a safe easily accessible island. where electricity never goes out and food from each place is always available. hot showers and aji de gallina for everyone!

we spent our afternoon in a favorite past time... ice skating! we were just becoming pros.. compared to the baby steps while holding hands at first hour...when it was time to leave. apparently its the season to skate because everyone and their children were there. jess and i were hit on by one shy and one bold ten year olds... one said "well he's afraid to tell ya that he likes one a you girls but i tell you im not afriad and i aint embarrassed i aint to say i like one o ya" to which we looked at each other and said how old DO we look?????



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