06 January 2010

my beautiful

when i went to college i told my dad that he had to tell my cat that she was beautiful everyday without fail. think that happen? yeah i dont either.
but she is! as evil evil as she may well be, she's quite beautiful.

a few days ago i was busy on my computer and i wasnt giving her enough attention.... a few minutes later i stood up to walk across the room... she takes a running leap and jumps halfway up my back. i should have given her some attention?

she gets kind of crazy when shes left in the house for very long, she hates you if you put her outside, and she finds ways to get back at you. my mom says that everytime there is a full moon she goes crazy. i believe it.

you havent seen her eyes, and i dont think you want to. one day i was sitting with her and she decided she wanted to start playing. sitting a foot from me... her eyes got all glazed over... and she just stared and stared. then in a second her eyes dilated and she jumped! attacking my arm until i threw her off, its going to take a while for those scratches to heal. its the whole dilated eyes deal thats weird and scary. but shes pretty funny when shes running around the kitchen floor chasing milk jug tops. jeje

she usually avoids and ignores me i think shes sore over me leaving her when i went to college. but this time, she ignored me the first day, loved me and wouldnt leave my side the second... then started the attacks the third... lets see if i survive this visit.



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