09 December 2009

standing outside...

there he was.... there i was.... there were the waves... there were the stars (what stars exist here??!) ... all perfect right? yep it was. :) we're engaged! i've been holding out on writing about it because i wanted to include a fun 'engagement' photo. but so far that fun photo hasnt been taken yet. so you have to be content with an old one. its on of my favorites though.

i have a few comments for you... they arent really related to one another...

after i told the family of one of my friends that i was getting married the grandma goes... "nooo no te casas julie..." (dont get married) noooo no te casas. with this really serious look on her face. when i asked her why she told me it was because when i get married i won't come to visit them anymore. (shes the grandma of the friend i go play volleyball with a couple times a week)

on another day julton and i were talking to my grandma... and she said... well...(talking to julton) i never thought julie would get married... yep i thought for sure she would be an old maid! ...i had to explain to julton what an old maid is but he laughed a lot in that moment (with a worried look on his face) and more after when i explained it to him.

today.. he and i were in a taxi, taking me home... in the middle of a somewhat serious conversation when i exclaimed LIGHTS!!! (actually i was speaking at that point so mid sentence) and flung my arm across the taxi to point at the christmas lights in an apartment. (they arent exactly common here) julton laughed and said... juliieee... one day i will have a normal conversation with you without interruptions. if its no the lights its the stars if its not the stars its the cats if its not the cats its the dogs. to which i said no i dont comment on dogs... oh wait thats a lie i do.
... basically i get really excited about seeing christmas lights.... stars in the sky... and cats in the street (to which Julton always reminds me not to pet...) but not so much dogs. because i just get excited about them in the moment, even if i am in the middle of a serious sentence coming out of my mouth.



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