09 December 2009

bright eyed and bushy tailed

isn't that how it goes? urban dictionary describes it as...

1.bright eyed and bushy tailed98 up, 18 down love it hate it
Excited and attentive. Reffering to squirrels.
As in 'Here is my new kindergarten class, all bright eyed and bushy tailed.' The allusion here is to the appearance of a squirrel, which with its beady eyes and bushy tail looks ready for anything.
i dont understand why we say that, i was neither bright eyed nor would have been bushy tailed if i had a tail, when i got up earlier than usual this morning. -try to explain that one to a native spanish speaker. i tell you good luck.

this morning i got up earlier than usual, for me... granted its probably normal hours for a normal working person.. 6:30? my hours happen to let me sleep in a little later. i am holding onto that sweet capability for as long as i can. ..right up until february 15th which is when the real world starts unfolding. thats when i start the new job. the new job with the normal hours.

this morning i got up and left the house... grabbed my bus and headed to my friend katy's house. realized i didnt have any credit on my phone and gratefully remembered that her mom sells breakfast outside their house, so she let me in. (i didn't want to ring the bell so early) katy came rolling out of her bed (she forgot teehee) and i spent a few minutes in the living room with diego.. and ... the child whose name i can pronounce, although barely, but definitely cant write. ha. diego would lie on the couch and stare at me... then run away... run back and stare... run away... then throw things at me. one conversation between me and diego:
Diego: ha! i'm going to throw this at you!!! (something... mossy on a christmas decoration)
Me: ha...ha...
Diego: again.. ha! i'm throwing this at you!!!
Me: ha... ha.... (this went on a few times until he grabbed a BIG piece and my passivity as only a visitor and not his mom came to an end.... and i stood up for myself ... against a ... 4 year old?)
Diego: ha! i'm throwing this at you!!!!!
Me: no!!! no no no no ! don't throw that!!! no no don't!
Diego: what? its a bad idea?? its bad? (he said bad the second time because he couldnt pronounce idea)
Me: Yes Diego... don't...
Diego: its a bad idea? its bad? (still couldnt pronounce it)
he looked at me puzzled and asked me that probably 5 times, always finding difficulty with the word idea and always asking the second question.


katy went with me to the migrations office today.... we went in to find out what exactly i need to do to change my visa. you see i have a visa to stay here working with the church... but i need a visa to work in the jardin (school) and i found out today that its actually pretty easy to do.... and they also want you to pay 250 dollars to do it. pucha.
i was chewing on that a little bitterly until i got to the baby class... i was talking with the dad about it and he said... well... it costs 10,000 dollars for me to work in your country. i looked at him blankly and though huh... well... its all about perspective isnt it?

ahhhhim going to have to give peru 3/4 of my first months paycheck to work the rest of the year. argh.



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