13 December 2009


....get out of here.... disappear from my life.... get out of here!... live your life the way you wanna..... its not a nice song... but its so cheery. and we dance to it. like my neighbors. i like the song....i noticed im starting to learn it because i spend so much time on micros (about 80 minutes there and back combined to one class... eh) and they play that song a lot. i dont really understand why people get so excited about it and about dancing to it.... but then again i get a little excited too. i dont get it. but i really dont get it... and wish it would largate itself out of my neighborhood.

tonight there is a party next door. right next door. its 2:30 and i think they just had their intermission. we heard a few girls leaving and saying it was the hour and he said... but life is the hour!!! live it! i thought... live it far.. far away from my house!!!!!! gillian went to her room to maybe sleep saying that she might get better sleep on their couch. i told her at least then maybe someone would kick her in the head knocking her out and she would get some sleep.

seriously? i dont get it. and i dont understand why our neighborhood is so popular for parties. or why they are using a microphone for a party in their living room next door.

im going to have to put a boom box beside my head at night in order to be able to sleep when i go home. i cant win. i just cant. why?

ps: animeish you tube videos are super common. also karaoke videos. also the ones of the band playing, usually a guy awkwardly playing his electric guitar in the middle of the wild, with natives dancing to the video.... i chose wisely to share with you



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