18 December 2009

i'm in the states!!!!

for the first time in a year.... i'm here with my friends in south carolina eating and laughing and remembering memories and making new ones... its good to be home... and its good to be eating cheese. ha and its cold!!!! good thing i bought boots, gloves, a hat, and a coat just for this

i dont have any of my photos loaded up to my computer yet but i wanted to share some from right before i left peru with you!

moes and his family asked me not to leave.... and asked me my phone number so they could call me.... i said... but what are you going to say to my mom she doesnt speak spanish and you dont speak english! they said... we will call and say... yuli?.....yuli?.....yuli?

moes and i after a few photos that i had convinced him to smile big enough to show the camera all of his teeth:
his aunt kathia and i, singing feliz navidad together, for their family. (her the spanish parts and i the english parts...with swinging arms and lots of giggles) her family likes to hear me sing in english, i guess if you dont understand english you cant hear how bad i sing? you can all me to book a performance :)

Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad!!!! .... you should get in touch with me if you are in the states so i can make sure i can see you!



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