28 December 2011

The trip begins.

Safe and sound in Moyobamba. 

I`m not sure how to reflect on the bus ride here yesterday. It was the craziest that either of us have taken. 17 hours. +2 more of waiting for the bus to actually arrive. Julton and I were the only passengers getting on the bus that origionally came from Lima. And since it was 3 am, the bus station was closed and dark. Thankfully there was someone there to let us in to wait. So it was us, a sleeping caretaker, Zanax and a creepy soap opera playing on the TV while we waited. 

The actual ride was annoying in that it was very informal and everyone just sat down wherever they wanted or could, ignoring their tickets. So Julton was forced to the back and I to the front. That was hard since we were on a mission to keep Zanax quiet and somewhat comfortable. Thankfully later we were able to sit together. Zanax did better than we expected. Although we had to get her out every six hours to give her a few more drops that the vet had given us to keep her calm. She rode for a while in my lap and was very content. Until the end of the trip when a little girl though that it would be fun to meow at her to get her to meow back. Then she started to get a little anxious. 

I lost track of how many stops our bus made to drop off passengers and pick them up. The majority of the trip was in the day so it was a hot and sweaty trip. Thankfully our window opened. Although the one behind us was shattered, because we later learned that the bus had nearly been robbed as they left Lima. Someone threw a rock at the bus shattering the window, but they didn´t rob the passengers - only the driver. Nothing like hearing that the bus you are on was just robbed to help you settle down into a long bus ride. Thankfully nothing like that happen on our leg of the trip.

The guys sitting around us at first began to complain about the cat, saying that it smelled (which she actually didn´t). But after Julton offered them cookies (that we had brought so that we wouldn´t have to buy anything to eat/probably get sick) and one of the guys some medicine for his nausia (and later a ton after everyone figured out that he was a doctor and a walking pharmacy) they were all buddy buddy with us. And after one little girl got sick and we offered her some wet wipes, they all decided that we had everything anybody needed. 

Oh but the view! I`ve only ever taken night buses to the jungle and since this one was in the day we got to see all of the beautiful views that Peru has to offer. Coming from the coast was passed through farms and then through as far as you can see dessert. From there we went into the mountains, the kind that are bare and mostly rock and have lots of goats. I lost count of all the goats. Then we passed through lots of rice fields. Then huge mountains somewhat covered with trees. Then even bigger mountains covered in thick green. At one point we were on the top of one mountain looking down on another and the river winding between the two. In and out of fog, rain and sun we went until we arrived.  

Because there were so many people getting on and off the bus I didn´t take my camera out, but I don´t think that the pictures would have done it justice. 

Now we are relaxing in Moyobamba, making plans about how to take advantage of our two weeks here. And trying to get out to the thermal baths as soon as possible.

Zanax is a little less than comfortable. It is her first time out of the city, and she has lots of new friends to make that she is a little less than pleased about. She sits on our bed hissing at anything that dares to enter. She spent the majority of the night under the bed though so it is an impovement that she has come out. Then the rooster that crowed scared her and she went back under the bed. I`m glad that we have some time to be with her while she gets used to everything. Right now the only thing she doesn´t hiss and growl at is her litter box. 



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