24 February 2011

tacacho and cecina and chorizo oh my!

Jungle Food.... Jungle Family... 
Jungle Food night with Jungle Family.
This week our friend Kenedy's mom came to town, that always means good food. And, Julton's sister Pilar came to visit for the first time since she moved back home. Actually, she came to fix some stuff with the university. They are having problems finalizing everything even though they are finished, and finished at the top of their class at that. I am really excited that she is visiting. I got a little giddy when she got here, and we chatted for way too long over coffee and muffins for breakfast after she arrived at our house from her bus ride. We didn't realize how much time had passed until her mom called to see how the process in the university was going. "i'm... finishing my breakfast" she responded :D I have missed them since they moved to Moyobamba - 15 hours away. Since we moved to where we are now, and lived in the same building as them for a while before they moved, and when the grandparents came and everyone had dinner together every night... I got pretty used to seeing them all the time. Watching Julton pick on them and watching them gang up on him. Sharing food and experiencing new foods from the US for them and the jungle for me. Their favorites that I had made them were chicken fettucine alfredo and strawberry cheesecake. We were working on them learning those dishes before they left. And they taught me how to fry all the different kinds of bananas so that Julton wouldn't starve when they left. hehe

I love those girls, and I wish they would just move back to Trujillo already. But, I'm happy for them, they are both working. And ironically one of their university friends found work in the same town, so they don't get too Trujillo-sick. 

We made some jungle food (we = kenedy mostly, pilar as his sioux chef, julton reading medical articles on the sidelines and yvette (a new friend and new missionary for Peru Mission) and i chopping this or washing that)

Pilar's phone rang off the hook...

Julton, no matter the pain, will eat Jungle food when it is offered. 

We used a wine bottle to mash up the bananas to make tacacho, usually they use a rock... which we have in our house... somewhere....

Yvette was excited about the little ajies (peppers) from the jungle. I'm not a fan of spicy food, but these little guys have a distinct flavor that cannot be resisted. It's one of my favorite parts of the packages that come from Moyobamba.

Cecina (dried meat, this was ham) with chorizo (sausage) and tacacho (plantains fried and mashed with the fat from the meat) i never imagined myself falling in such love with something that was intentionally cooked with added animal fat. 

Kenedy, showing off the final dish. The food was absolutely delicious. Absolutely.



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