21 January 2011

a flute playing politician and his friend the motivational speaker

this past week we have had our first visitor staying with us in our apartment. (other than my family before the wedding... but that was, like i said, before the wedding) Jultons dad has been staying with us this week. He's a teacher also, in a university and he has vacation right now. Its been quite interesting for me... I'm cooking a lot more! At least I like to do it! It has also made me realize just how poor my own eating habits are sometimes. Usually I make Julton's lunch for him in the morning to take with him. And I'm not talking a ham and cheese sandwich, thats dinner around here. I'm talking rice and meat and veggies (he'd probably prefer not to have the veggies). So I make all that in the mornings, and we don't eat much for breakfast, just a little. Then usually lunch for myself... I eat whatever we have at home. But this week! It's not just me for lunch.. so I have had to be a little more thoughtful. And.. I'm tired! Between classes and cooking... I'm ready for a vacation! haha. And it's only been a week.

We also went to a conference this week. A motivational conference. 

Yes, You Can!

One of the political parties here invited Miguel Angel Cornejo to speak in the soccer stadium. I didn't really know what I was getting into, and actually Julton and I didn't stay for all of it... we had previous plans and since the tickets were freely passed out by the political party they were promoting ... we didn't feel so bad about leaving early. Except all the looks we got from everyone we stepped over on the stairs (becuase it was that full) looking at us like... you're LEAVING???!!! oh, okay i'll take your seat.) We only listened as far as him saying how important education is. And that you should go after one thing that you are good at, and give it your all. And that everyone should go sit on a rock this weekend for their homework and think until they've got that one figured out. Basically. 

But my favorite part.... you may or may not be surprised by this... was when the politician running for president got up to introduce his 'close friend' to speak... he himself shared with the crowd a little flute solo. It was nice and slow at first, he only went off pitch quite loudly a couple of times... then the music got faster and faster and he was moving to the beat.. but what crucial flute playing part was not moving? his fingers! the stage was actually to far away from everyone to see him.. .but he was being shown on two very large screens... on which it was more than obvious that he was not moving his fingers to play anything more than one long note... much less all the notes that we heard! I was so shocked... that he didnt' try to cover that up better! If he was going to pretend to play... I would have imagined that he would have at least wanted to really give it a go. wow!
 we got there on time.. and thankfully early enough to get some seats with backs.
 filling the bleachers at 6 pm...
 7 pm...
 and 8 pm.
no one was allowed to sit on the soccer field, only on the track around it.



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