21 January 2011

christmas in late january

i've got a bone to pick with the post office. and thats the first time i have ever used the words i've got a bone to pick, seriously.

they've not been the nicest to us recently. first were problems about them wanting us to pay taxes until the guy finally actually saw the package and said oh.. well.. this can't possibly be worth more that $100 can it? (we had been trying to tell him that for 3 days) 

then this week we finally figured out what happen with the missing package that my aunt sent... it had been sitting in the post office because they goofed up our address and we never received our notification!! okay, thats just fine and understandable. but... wait... they charged us a fee for the package sitting in storage (since Christmas!) even though it wasn't our fault it had been sitting there!
oh, well, in the end it was well worth it :) Julton said the lady acted surprised when she saw christmas ornaments in the box (as she was checking it to see if we needed to be taxed) to which Julton responded... it got here before Christmas.. remember? such as this lovely ornament:



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