12 December 2010


we saw it today... tonight rather. someone should send me the books so that i can sit and read them like a little girl to even out all the crocheting and in general acting like a little old lady that iv'e been doing!

Random note: I really enjoyed that in a random conversation today someone asked me if I was going home for Christmas then quickly corrected themself and said, oh, you are home! i can have two homes :)

Sadly though, Julton's sisters are moving back to Moyobamba this week. That makes me sadder than I expected. Since we've been living in the same building as them and seeing them a lot... and since his grandparents have been visiting and I've been having lunch with them everyday and making sure to get in some time to watch grandma's favorite soap opera (which apparently she got me addicted to.. because I had to watch the finale last night on the internet because we missed our lunchtime tradition)... I've gotten pretty used to them being here and us spending time together, and I like it. His grandparents are already half way back there by now, and his sisters will soon be following. I'm so happy for them that they have found jobs... but I'm going to miss them!


Allen said...

You can borrow my Naria set. Just as the Stuart or Meg Mills for them. They are in the bookcase in the living room.

I'm sorry to hear of the twins leaving. We look forward to seeing you in Feb. 2011!

Julie said...

Thanks Allen! I will ask them!

We are excited for you all to be back in Peru too! Excited to see the new part of the family as well!


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