12 December 2010

merry arbol christmas

Thanks to lots of craft blogs that I like to read more often that I would like to admit, and also to a new site Pinterest.com where you can browse pictures that others load which can be of anything.. food.. clothing.. homes.. crafts.. photography, and you can follow it back to the source. Which leads to a nice little game of round and round and find a fun blog to get addicted to. I would probably have more fun things to post about on my own blog if I spent less time browsing other peoples lives/creations via blogs. But one advantage of skimming through so many blogs.. are ideas for things I can do myself (since a lot of people post tutorials) or ideas for decorations or food. Which... brings us to ... Christmas! A fond memory I have of Christmas time and trees when I think back on our families Christmas trees, well was the tinsel ... and getting it everywhere jeje... well apart from that. When I think of a Christmas tree I think of all the things your family has collected or put together that you bring out each year to put up and remember. "Oh look.. that ornament has my name and my birthday from my first year!" (even though you dont remember the actual first Christmas) or for me, pulling out the ornaments that your grandma and maybe your grandmas grandma had made and are still around, still being loved and remembered and put up. And don't forget the popcorn strings!

Well, upon explaining that to Julton.. he couldn't  quite wrap his head around it. His idea of a Christmas tree is how they decorate them in stores.. with the coordinating ribbon and ornaments and all color comboed up. well... after much much debate over how we were going to decorate the tree... its been up for a while with only lights. and on a trip to the decorations shop (don't ever go into a small crowded christmas shop without having an idea of what you want... just dont..) i had an idea about combining our ideas... which i was starting to think that one half would be for him and one half for me... and i was/am quite impressed/surprised that this was a topic we talked about for so. long. 

meet the snowflakes i've been working on for too long! i found this pattern through the above mentioned Pinterest site, and i've been trying to figure it out. trying and trying and if you look at the picture you can see my progress

we went from incredibly wonky and not at all like a snowflake... to... okay i think i got it but i'm scared to try the next row... to okay i think ive got it down.. and lets try some other colors. 

let me just say that i am excited about this! and tonight we have finally gotten the tree fixed up to both our hearts content. gold ribbon, popcorn strings, red shiny bulbs, and crocheted snowflakes :) theres no origami star like i was thinking... but.. maybe next year :)

and... to top things off... i think that being the kindergarten teacher for even the little bit of time i was, rubbed off on me... and so we have some paper snowflakes for our window.



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