20 December 2010

a christmas party.

apparently i am getting caught up on posting today! i think this is the last... but i can't be sure.
i'm pretty sure that no matter where I go or where I teach, I end up with the best students. I have friends that I taught in SALI that I still go out for coffee with, students from the kindergarten that all out my name in the street (or the parent), and now I have students that own businesses that have Christmas parties with champagne, hot chocolate, and homemade paneton (think fruitcake... but then think sweat bread... and put a little less of the fruit cake combined with the sweet bread together and maybe you can imagine paneton... I'm actually, as of this year, a fan. and I don't even pick out the gummy fruits anymore.) all of those things plus christmas motivation and sharing gifts.. at 8 am! Actually, they started at 7... but they told me I could come at 8... tee hee... they know me pretty well. I had a great time, nothing like champagne at 8 am! It was fun, although a little embarrassing when they were going around giving their words someone (one of my students wife!) gave some for me too, what a surprise. she was so sweet and classy, and she did it all in English... it made me wonder if i could sound that good giving words like that in front of people, even in English. They all exchanged gifts in their secret friend game, and they even included me! I was so surprised... they are definitely ranking up there on the student meter... and not because they give me stuff. It was fun for me tha they invited me to their christmas party. so much fun. And one of my other students even made the paneton. She makes batches and batches of it every Christmas. She spends all day and then some of the night making ....40 a day! It was delicious.

(my gift.. a mug complete with step by step instructions for two coffee drinks.. quite handy)



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