20 December 2010

the blog with a ridiculous amount of kitten photos...

she's growing... she can barely keep her balance while sitting in one of my hands.. not that i usually try to juggle a pet in one hand..

she's also gotten used to her new home.. i can tell because she sleeps less and walks around like she owns things more. she also runs. fast. from one end of the apartment to the other. usually until she hits a wall, or any chairs or doors in between, since she hasn't figured out how to stop yet. she figured out how to cry but is still working on that whole meow thing... except for when she really wants the food i'm cooking.. then we fight a little until she finally settles for her kitty food. that has been soaked in water and warmed up in the microwave i might just add. she figured out that we come and go by  the door.. so if she hears anyone coming up the stairs she waits about a foot from the door, waiting to hop outside. she loves to sit in the sunshine, and she loves the ball of yarn i wrapped for her..almost as much as she loves jumping onto julton's lap.. but falling short.. and scratching him in the attempts at jumping. 
i kind of feel like i just wrote a personal ad for my kitten. so.. lets add some pictures for good measure. she really likes getting her picture taken, i swear its like she poses for the camera. and the flash fascinates her.  

in all seriousness... she loves getting her picture taken. can't you tell?


christine said...

Your kitty is ADORABLE! She definitely love the camera :) I hope your family has a happy holidays.

Julie said...

we have had a great time over the holidays! It has definitely been a great first Christmas/New Years! Same to you and your family!


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