10 November 2010


meet my breakfast:

or rather.... a more than half eaten version of my breakfast. 

toast with peanut butter, honey, bananas and just the slightest hint of garlic.

wait... garlic????

yep garlic. let me clarify.. it wasnt intentional. its what happens when your cutting board doesnt look used and you forgot that you had chopped garlic on it the night before you decide to put the toast/bananas down. 

as i was eating, i was thinking to myself... hmm this tastes different...its got a kick... wait, like garlic? they put garlic in the honey??! (i was trying a different brand). shortly after it all settled in and i remembered Jultons late night snack and my early morning don't remember anything comprehend much less... but really it wasnt so bad. and it made me remember when i was making/watching my friends mom make peanut butter.... and after she ground up the peanuts she added garlic. as i watched with my mouth agape... she explained that they always put in garlic and that it helps your body digest the fat in the peanuts. 

now, i don't know how true that is but she promises it does. but it made me search for some more garlic/peanut butter info. according to various websites garlic is considered an immunity booster, lowers high blood pressure, high cholesterol as well as helps prevent other heart disease, and according to some chinese studies may prevent cancer. that is... garlic eaten raw. because even though the garlic capsules may be  more appealing since they won't cause the odor that the actual clove will... real, natural garlic is the most helpful. 

when i was reading about the garlic, and considering when i actually eat raw garlic... i immediately remembered when Julton went on his trip to Uruguay, and was gone for a little over a week and I basically survived on hummus. i have a really bad habit of finding (when im eating alone) a food that i really like... then eating that for days on end. Which is exactly what I did with hummus. And is exactly why I reeked of garlic when Julton returned from his trip. I must have been had super immunity powers then. Because if you eat enough... it really will start coming out of your pores. 

But the hummus was soo delicious. I made sandwiches, ate it on vegetables, with chips, crackers, actually... i pretty much put it on anything i ate. note to self: in the event that you find yourself eating a lot of hummus or a lot of especially raw garlic in general... you should also find yourself showering more often, and letting the listerine do its thing for the full 60 seconds in your mouth rather than chickening out somewhere before the times up. 

so... you're inspired to eat more raw garlic right? tomorrow i might just be a little intentional with the garlic finding itself in my peanut butter. you may be shaking your head... but really, its quite tasty!!


Gillian said...

One time I bought a natural honey expectorant to kick the last bit of a cold I had...and then found out it was also infused with large quantities of garlic AND eucalyptus.

Healthy or not...that was gross.

Julie said...

ooo its like a concentrated emoliente!!! hmmm did you stick it out to see if it helped?

Gillian said...

umm...I might have.


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