09 November 2010

an extra note on the Monday post :D

I almost forgot to add a little something about the drink I tried out and fell in love with but happened to en up being a Julton repeller because he doesn't like ginger. 

It's a ginger, lemon and honey tea that I tried out. That I found on a blog through FoodGawker: The Weather In Cascadia you can find the actual recipe there (the picture isn't mine its from that blog also)

I'm already a fan of ginger tea. But it had been a long time since I drank it. The lime (i used) cut down a little on the spiciness of the ginger. (which really does get spicier the longer you let it steep)

It went perfectly with lunch! 


christine said...

Julie, thanks so much for the shout out about my ginger tea :) I'm really glad you enjoyed it... even if it didn't make everyone in the family happy. I'm really intrigued by your blog. I love to travel but have yet to visit S. America. I'm looking forward to reading more about your adventures.

Julie said...

jeje, i'm learning about not avoiding the things he doesnt like, and not only eating the things he does! i need to drink more teas and get away from the soda that my husbands gotten me so accustomed too :S

i usually just write (randomly) about living in Peru. I hope that you enjoy :)


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