24 November 2010

coffee on a sunny afternoon

coffee and i have had our times. and we've not had our times, when we have liked each other. but generally speaking i could potentially be seen drinking a cup of coffee in the morning or afternoon or anywhere in between if not all. but come late afternoon or evening and you won't find me near it. 

that stated, its not really the same for Julton's family. I don't know exactly that I could generalize this to Peruvians, or even to Moyobambinos... because I have really only experienced it with his family, specifically his awesome grandparents. Since they've been visiting we've gotten into the habit of going down to the other apartment in the evenings to spend some time, and naturally we all drink, although instant, coffee. Altomayo is a brand of coffee from Moyobamba. I, even though I already said I can't drink coffee at night drink it anyway because it seems that the instant doesn't have as much caffeine.. I don't know how true that is. They offer coffee because they usually drink coffee with the bread or eggs or bananas and cheese that they usually have for dinner. And because when someone visits your house in Moyobamba - or maybe in the jungle in general - you offer them coffee, and its rude not to accept. 

Fast forward to a few days ago when i was eating lunch with Jultons grandma and it happen to only be the two of us. Julton and one of his sisters were working and not home yet, and his other sister and their grandpa were traveling so she could take a law exam. So we were just relaxing together watching her soap opera, when I had the craving for coffee. Especially since we had just eaten a pretty heavy lunch and I was feeling my eyes start to droop... not a good sign since I had a class that afternoon. No one likes a yawning glassy eyed english teacher. I made some of my coffee from the states, showed her the bean and how I ground it and how I made it with a french press. It was her first time to see or drink coffee like that. So there we sat the two of us and her soap opera... our non instant coffee with milk and sugar, hers with equal. It was a pretty great afternoon.

I only found out later she had never drank coffee in the middle of the afternoon before, and everyone thought we were crazy for drinking hot coffee in the middle of the afternoon on a sunny day when we weren't cold, and didn't need to be warmed up!



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