25 November 2010

a cat. a cat!

it is quite possible that we are going to have a kitten friend joining our home this week!! (in approximately one week). i am pretty darn excited. i love cats. well.. most cats... well... im just not very much of a dog person. now... we have to start thinking of names... i haven't seen it yet so we don't know what we are going to call it.... but i wonder if i could get it to do some yoga with me..(or as Julton says... breakdancing...)
1. yoga cat
or just be as cute or awesome as any of these...2. adorable.
3. too cool.

either way... i'm just excited about having a cat. and having a little friend around here to make me smile... and undoubtedly sometimes make me not smile so much, but i'm okay with that. I'm counting down the days until it (she) comes. one week until thursday. Jultons not counting down the days. but he has accepted that its happening... we'll work on his love for it once it gets here. as long as it doesn't go near his books... or his pillow... i imagine they should be pretty good friends... or is that just me imagining.. hmm anyway... to be continued!



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