03 November 2010

a birthday

one thing i've learned, if i learned anything this birthday season... is that even if you are sick in bed, and all you want for you birthday is sleep... it still does not excuse you from a quema. a quema being the 'surprise' birthday party the night before your acutal birthday, many times at  midnight. honestly, my birthday or anything pertaining to it, were far from my mind on Saturday. i spend the whole day in bed, just feeling gross and wishing it would pass. later that night... Julton was supposed to be out getting me some medicine... and when he returned, he laid the medicine down but said no don't take it yet, come with me i want to show you something. when i asked what and he wouldn't respond, but handed me a jacket instead... i said no no... im tired... i'll see another time. and the more he insisted... the more i was curious... and as we were about to leave the bedroom i thought, there are people outside... so i asked, and of course he denied... asked again and he said no no, you hear the neighbors. (which is quite a possibility, not that our neighbors are loud or anything of the sort..)

but in the end... it wasn't the neighbors... it was a room full of julton's family and many friends also, cake and candles and soda. i was so surprised that i nearly jumped back into the bedroom! there i was PJs and all in a room full of friends that were singing happy birthday and taking lots of pictures. what was there to do? nothing but join in, and let it happen. i dont think it would have gone over well if i had asked them if they could possibly come the next night, when i was a little better... 
so, that's how my birthday began... with a cake and friends... and ended the same also the next night, with another cake and friends... all in all a pretty good way to spend a birthday. (with a pretty great lunch thrown in the middle, we had a lunch at church on Sunday to celebrate Reformation day, all the cell groups made different dishes and we all shared... yum)
(with Natali, and my alfajore (cookie) cake still a little sick on sunday...)

and to finish off an excellent weekend, we, with jultons sisters and our friend kenedy, took their grandparents out to dine on KFC ( don't get much of that in the jungle.... and its fun to watch them watch everyone eat with their hands in amusement)  and... we found the Tomanguillo/Chumbe/Rogers/Paima-Adams Family! :D



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