31 May 2010

a sunday night and a poor poor plant

yesterday was a perfect evening.

going in search of fruit salad... almost desperately... and the 3 spots closest to our home all closed... we ironically ended up eating probably the greasiest salami ham cheese and mayonnaise sub ... which is something i never imagined and the exact opposite of what i left the house wanting... but it all somehow turned out to be just right.

we sought out our blender (which we will finally buy... but didnt last night :) )

and spent enough time watching the guys in the skate park fall and complain and get back up and do it all again. (behind one of the malls theres a skate park where lots of teenagers come to show their skills... last night was pretty entertaining) its kind of becoming a tradition to go watch them. im trying to convince julton that we need to buy a pair of skates for ourselves... maybe go tackle the skate park when most of the skater pros kids arent there. so we dont embarrass ourselves tooo much. but more so that we can skate around the huge park that we live beside. the second option is the one that is making me root for the skates. can you imagine julton and i on skates together? i can, and im laughing everytime i picture it. im not that great, and hes never stepped foot in them. but somehow im thinking it could be something awesome. or awesomelly painful. well, at least julton got his medical degree this year... hope hes not the one that breaks his arm, because i wouldnt know what to do.

speaking of not knowing what to do... in our wedding we had these trees... so the idea of the trees were that people could write wishes on them and hang them there. it was a really interesting and difficult thing to do to get these trees in the wedding. first we ewnt through jamesson, hes got a farm, why not? ....he broke his foot. we tried to go through milton (together with julton) .... that.... almost got milton in a lot of trouble with his neighbor.... then finally gillian and the girls solved the problem... by well... going and buying a couple of trees. haha

well as you can see... one has grown and grown and is doing wonderfully... the other... well... i think its obvious. poor thing. we had to take off all of its dead brown leaves and tiny branches last night. it was pretty sad. we decided that it needed more sunlight, since it was on the other side of the room opposite the other plant and windows. but then we looked at the other plant and realized that although it was growing... its leaves are turning yellow... hmmm

for all of you that are asking us "when when when" about kids... i think its pre-tty obvious that its going to be a while. especially if we cant even take care of our poor plants. i can just see us now... its crying... and "what do i do??" .... "i dont know!!!! does it need more sun??" ...."water???" ahhhh jeje... lots of... "but youre the mom!" .... and... "but youre the doctor!"



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