23 December 2009

asheville is for spirit fingers

yes i did just post for your viewing pleasure 7 fairly similar photos... BUT if you look closely.. its progression. you see from thursday night to saturday afternoon i was with at last cassie diana gillian and melissa, nearly all of that time. and on saturday we took a road trip to asheville so that i could go on with my aunt and uncle to tennessee ... and well.. it was nothing less than an adventure! just like old times. i personally enjoy each and every one of these pictures.
the fun started with me putting the camera on the sidewalk in a very hard to find dry place.. for all the snow. took the picture of our feet and one of the bystanders waiting for us to finish so he could continue on his journey down the snowy wet crazy street of downtown asheville actually offered to take a picture of us. i naturally flinched as the rest of the girls chirped yes ... since where ive been living you let NO ONE and NO ONE touch your stuff unless you know them their address their mothers maiden name and their blood type. because it will get stolen. luckily this guy wasnt in the camera stealing business he was just in the im going to offer to be nice and use my photography skills for these girls. hes a photographer... what luck! so after he took the first picutre... he goes... "nice... its pretty but lets get some more emotion where are your hands?" we were like uhhh.....?? so the next picture is of us hesitantly raising our hands... and then it continues into a party of spirit fingers.
diana piped up and asked if we could have a picture with him and just as someone said should we have someone take a picture for us? he says let me show you girls a trick... and stretched out his long arm to take a picture with the five of us.

asheville memory?



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