03 April 2010

its a wedding!

a few from the wedding :)

in photos we look like we can dance... but dont ask the video camera...
outhouse!... o mis amigas locas like julton calls them
my mom danced!!!!!
we were counting steps haha
jultons parents


Ruby Grau said...


What a beautiful wedding and what a beautiful bride you are!!! You look so much like your mom. Hopefully the next time I am in West Virginia I can see more of your wedding pictures.

Wishing the best of luck to you and your new husband!!

Love Ruby Grau

Julie said...

Thank you! EVERYONE says that mom and i look alike... both in the states... and here in peru... and just everyone! but we don't see it at all... weird.

PS If you have facebook, allll of the pictures are pretty much there :)


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